Things to Check Before Buying Hosting

Things To Check Before Buying Hosting From a Web Host

If you are a beginner and looking for good web hosting for the website. Then you have come to the right place. Today we are going to guide beginners to check things before buying hosting from FastComet Hosting.

The best way to check for good web hosting is by a free trial. But you cannot try every web hosting that is available on the internet. It will take a lot of time and effort. So we are listing down some points from our personal experience.

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Checking the mentioned things will help the beginners to identify the best hosting for them.

Things to Check Before Buying Hosting

Things To Check Before Buying Hosting from FastComet Hosting

1. Server Uptime

Server Uptime is the duration for the server running. The best server will have a 99.99% server uptime percentage. If any server which has less than 95% uptime, then it is not reliable.

the server will go down repeatedly and will have a bad impact on the user experience.

2. Storage

Storage a very important factor for running the website efficiently. In every hosting plan, limited storage space is provided. So the storage space should be sufficient for storing all the website data.

Otherwise, the website will slow down.

3. Bandwidth limit

Bandwidth or data transfer limit should be sufficient for the website. Once the bandwidth limit exceeds then the website becomes inaccessible to visitors. Check for the bandwidth limit in the hosting plan before buying it.

Otherwise, people will face trouble accessing the website.

4. Reliable Customer Support

Technical support is a crucial part of the web hosting service. because it is very common to have a problem with web hosting. at that time an expert is required to solve the problem. So the web hosting company should be able to provide excellent support service.

5. Page Load Speed

Page load speed is the time a page takes to load on the website. It is a very important thing for visitors. As if the visitor has to wait for long to load the page. Then definitely that visitor will jump to the next website.

So, the ideal page load time is 1-2 seconds. If the website takes more than 2 seconds then all the visitors will leave and never return. To prevent this situation, the server should be optimized for speed and should use SSD drives.

The SSD Drives enhances the accessing speed, so it can access all the data in seconds. This way the page will take less than a second to load the website. Make sure that the web hosting provides SSD storage with the plan.

6. Multiple Server Locations

If a user is from India and access data from a US server, then it will take some time to load. But, if the server is located in India then it will load in less than a second.

So it is recommended to choose the server location from where the most traffic gets. This will help the users to experience blazing fast speed and service.

7. Business Email

Business emails are an important factor for business owners as they represent the company. But many use a public email address like Gmail, Hotmail, or yahoo. From a business perspective, it is bad. As it represents unprofessionalism.

So, in many web hosting plans, a free business email address is provided. So the blogger can use it for business purposes and look professional.

8. Reliability of the Company

The most important factor to check is the company’s reliability. If the company is established recently and providing cheap hosting. then there is a huge chance of that company to shut down.

So, it is important to choose the company that has been in the market for a very long period. This way the chances of shutting down will reduce and the website keeps running safely. Otherwise, at some point, that company will suddenly shut down its services and all the website data will be lost.

So, it is better to go with a reliable company for the website.

9. Money Back guarantee

Today most companies offer a money-back guarantee policy. So the client can use the services risk-free. They don’t have to worry about bad service and money loss. If they feel that hosting is not top-notch then cancel the service.

All the money will be refunded to the client’s account within a few days. This ensures that clients stay risk-free. So they don’t end up with the service then don’t want to use it.

It is a good feature to look at before buying web hosting.

We have mentioned almost every factor that should be checked before buying web hosting. however, the real service quality is verified at the time of usage.

So when the website will run at its full potential then the server should be able to handle it. If the server is not able to handle the website to its full potential then the plan is of no use. That’s where the money-back policy is useful. With this feature checking all the service becomes very easy and risk-free.

Now, let’s know a bit about FastComet.

FastComet Hosting

FastComet Hosting is an excellent web hosting in the world. they have services and features for all kind of websites. their servers are up to the mark. So there is no complaint of slow speed or shutdown.

FastComet Hosting comes with an exciting plan and offers. They offer free addons like SSL certificate, website builder, CDN, backups. This ensures that the client doesn’t have to pay extra for these services and save some money.

In FastComet Hosting a 45 days money back, the guarantee is offered. So the client has complete freedom to use the services for 45 days. They have the option to cancel the service anytime within 45 days. FastComet has an award-winning 24/7 support service. They are available all over the world. so the client can be sure of the excellent service. There are various ways to connect with the support team. The client can connect via call, email, or live chat. Their live chat offers 30 seconds reply.

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